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Treasury releases funds for Auxiliary Teachers

Education Minister Agness Nyalonje

The ministry of education has disclosed that treasury has provided funds to keep auxiliary teachers in school up until March next year before being incorporated in the national budget.

The minister said this in Mzuzu yesterday on the sidelines of an interaction with education officials from Mzimba North, Mzimba South, Likoma, Mzuzu City and Nkhata Bay education zones.

The development comes at a time when Initial primary teachers have been asking government to employ them after finishing their studies at various teachers training colleges.

According to Agnes Nyalonje, minister of education, treasury has agreed to give the ministry of education money to keep the auxiliary teachers on board before being incorporated into the budget.

Nyalonje said the ministry is fighting to keep the teachers permanently, as other sectors are also fighting to get clearance to employ their staffs.

She has since disclosed that a teachers’ council will be established soon to address critical issues in the profession including their welfare.

The teachers under the Initial Primary Teacher Education 13 cohort were recruited in February 2021, as part of efforts to de-congest classrooms to reduce the further spread of COVI-19.

NyaLonje said: “It is not that straightforward to get resources for education because resources needed are massive.

“We fought and fought to bring auxiliary teachers on board, keep them on board, and as at last night, Treasury agreed to give us further money.

The minister said the resources will enable the ministry to keep them on board until March when they will be incorporated into the budget.

She said: “For these teachers, it is not given that the money was there, it wasn’t. We fought and we have gone to the ends of the earth to find the money, and we have been given this final stretch until the next budget.”

NyaLonje further said they are hoping to incorporate them permanently in the next budget and they are working hard to get that done.

However, the minister did not provide the exact amount that Treasury will provide. They receive MK80 000 each, meaning government parting with MK261.6 million monthly.

The auxiliary teachers were first given a five-month contract in February, which was later extended to August after its expiry in June.

They have since been pushing for permanent employment. `

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