Thursday, July 18, 2024

Progressive Muslim youths sink borehole in Mpingu, Lilongwe

Muslim Youth Foundation

If all youthful legal persons were like Muslim Youth Foundation , then Malawi would have been a better place for us all to be as Muslim Youth Foundation sinks a new borehole for the people of Amidu Village at Mpingu in Lilongwe.

Programmes Manager for the organization, Jafar Jameson, said they decided to sink the borehole in the area after learning that people are struggling to access potable water since the old borehole they were depending on broke down.

“As a group of young Muslims, we decided to assist the community with clean and potable water considering that Islam promotes hygiene and at the same time promoting the community’s access to safe and potable water,” said Jameson.

Muslim Youth Foundation is a charitable organisation comprising Muslim youths from different parts of the country. Among other things, the organisation has been constructing Mosques and assisting the needy.


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