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Pacific Limited hailed for Rehabilitating 7,000 Boreholes in eight years

Pacific after rehabilitating a borehole

Pacific Limited is this month commemorating eight years of its successful borehole rehabilitation project initiated in 2015 as part of its corporate social responsibility. Faizal Aboo, the Managing Director, highlighted that the project’s goal to ensure fair access to clean water nationwide has resulted in over 7,000 boreholes being renovated without charge. Aboo emphasized the project’s significance, crediting the dedicated ground team’s efforts and collaborations with partners, particularly Members of Parliament.

James Nsusa, leading the project team, stressed that their extensive rural service over the past eight years has provided insight into the widespread challenge of water accessibility across the country. He appealed for increased support from both private entities and the government to sustain the project’s success.

Minister of Water and Sanitation, Abida Mia, expressed the government’s commitment to collaborating with the institution on the ongoing borehole repairs in her area. Given Malawi’s struggle with recurring cholera outbreaks, largely linked to inadequate water access affecting 30% of the population, Mia’s pledge signifies the project’s significance in addressing this pressing issue.

Pacific Limited’s initiative has notably reduced the time spent by communities, particularly women, in fetching water. This shift has allowed them to engage in more productive activities, positively impacting their livelihoods.

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