Sunday, May 26, 2024

Msonda Exposes DPP Gurus’ Plot to Crush APM through Fryson Chodzi


In the dawn of 2024, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) brazenly persists in its tumultuous journey, unapologetically carrying forward the legacy of chaos, confusion and aggression that marred the preceding year. The latest ominous revelation emanates from the party’s National Governing Council member, Ken Msonda, who has exposed a sinister plot funded by influential DPP figures. This nefarious scheme revolves around bankrolling the Executive Director of the Forum for National Development (FND), Fryson Chodzi, with a malevolent objective—to bring about the political demise of the party’s leader, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Msonda brazenly discloses that a faction within the DPP echelons is funneling resources towards the relentless pursuit of undermining the very core of the political spectrum. Their chosen instrument of discord is none other than Fryson Chodzi, the Executive Director of the Forum for National Development (FND). The macabre objective? The annihilation of none other than the DPP’s own leader, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

In a spine-chilling revelation, Msonda contends that these shadowy ‘gurus’ were the same puppeteers who once pulled the strings to finance his compatriots, Fredrick Billy Malata and Joe Nyirongo (Big Joe). This unholy trinity was bankrolled with a sinister purpose – to persecute Mutharika through the courts, employing a legal gambit to challenge his eligibility for the looming 2025 elections.

Msonda’s damning exposé was disseminated to the public through a statement, a chilling testament to the depths of intrigue and malice that permeate the DPP’s inner sanctum. As the new year unfurls, it seems the party’s modus operandi remains unchanged – a relentless pursuit of power marinated in the acrid brew of internal strife and calculated betrayals.

“Chodzi is being used by some DPP gurus closest to HE APM – NOT NANKHUMWA (I have their names). These are DPP gurus who funded our case, they are bitter that we withdrew the case, they want to finish APM. Ndikadzawatopera adzayaluka and APM adzakhumudwa kwambiri,” he said.

Chodzi declined to provide a statement regarding the issue. “No comment bwana!” he said.

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