Thursday, July 18, 2024

Nankhumwa’s ‘Whistle-Stops’ Propel Turmoil in DPP Leadership Contest

Nankhumwa Camp respond with whistle-stops

The Vice President for the South of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is as we file this report engaged in what he is describing as ‘party strengthening’ tours in Blantyre. Nankhumwa, along with other DPP legislators, including Nicholas Dausi, Sameer Suleiman, Masauko White, and Francis Phiso, has made stops at Mdeka and Lirangwe.

During these tours, Francis Phiso expressed that the endorsement of their leader, Peter Mutharika, by the party’s National Governing Council would not influence the selection of the party’s candidate in the 2025 elections. He asserted that party supporters remain steadfast and will choose the right person to lead the party, indicating that Nankhumwa is the right candidate for the job.

Nankhumwa is scheduled to address party supporters at Lunzu, 10 Miles in Chileka, Chirimba, and Chilomoni later in the day. These efforts are seen as a serious response to the old guards within the DPP, who are centered around the PAGE House and are criticized for making undemocratic decisions in their quest to retain power. There are concerns that if they succeed in controlling the party, they may continue their questionable practices, should they win the Presidency in 2025.

Nankhumwa has previously declared that he intends to contest the DPP convention regardless of its location, whether it be on the lake, in the mountains, or even in the sky, and he is confident in his ability to win the election. However, the old DPP camp intends to implement new unconstitutional rules stipulating that anyone who sues or ever sued the party will be barred from seeking any elective office during the convention.





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