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Unima student killed in accident on lakeshore road enroute to Salima

Msukwa: May His Soul Rest In Peace.

A first-year student who, having just spent a semester at the University of Malawi, toiling throughout the semester, writing exams, and packing his bags en route home to Salima for one month’s holiday has been killed in a car accident. A tyre in the coaster they were travelling burst. The passengers start disembarking from the vehicle. Unknown to the deceased, another bus coming behind him which also carried students to their respective destinations hit him and was pronounced dead on arrival at Balaka Hospital, the nearest hospital to the scene of the accident.

This is how, Chisomo Msukwa, who was enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Informatics, has departed; the university of Malawi senior officials have disclosed.

According to the official information, the burial of the deceased will take place on Monday 30th January 2023 at Katutula Village soon after the Chitipa Immigration roadblock. Earlier this month, another road accident involving students as well occurred in Mzimba when Mary Mount Secondary school students were travelling from Lilongwe to Mzuzu to commence their studies. Two pretty young girls died much to the shock of the entire nation.

We at Shire Times suggest that there must be special rules applicable to drivers carrying our students in different places, for example, that such drivers shall not exceed a certain limit in terms of speed. We make this suggestion considering reports we hear after such accidents that drivers of such vehicles travel at high speed and carelessly. We submit that we cannot afford as a nation to be losing our young ones, the future of this country in such a manner and fashion. Something ought to be done.  It is just senseless, to say the least!

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