Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dpp Must Apologize, Must Reform its Ugly-Looking Cadets

MCP youths vs DPP ugly youths

Dear Editor,

By now, we were supposed to hear the DPP officially apologizing to the Malawi nation for the suffering that they made Malawians suffer during their rule of terror when they were in power. Before they start talking about 2025, they need to apologize and reform the party because, minus that, not many people except blind followers will be able to support them.
If they don’t apologize and reform, they should even forget the 2025 election as it will be Lazarus Chakwera of MCP who may end up retaining the position of the head of state without a tough fight. Chakwera may not have done some of the things the nation expected of him, but his decorum is on a high note. Chakwera never speaks the foul language, he never shouts at Malawians like how Peter Mutharika and his henchmen were doing. Chakwera though perceived to be lacking the iron fist that would be hammering tables around is certainly a better and safe option than the unrepentant DPP.
The DPP needs to reform their party and they must stop their cadets from degrading themselves with paint looking like savages and slaves. A story is told of MCP when there was a party meeting. One MPC youth painted himself as the DPP cadets do. The youth director Chimwendo Banda told him to disappear from the meeting saying MCP doesn’t tolerate such nonsense.
That is a leadership style that DPP should emulate. The DPP gurus who allow such behavior cannot condone the same if it were their own children doing. They allow such for their DNA is engineered on using and abusing other people. If DPP won’t reform their ways, they should forget the support from well-meaning Malawians—the kingmakers in 2025.
Editor In-Chief
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