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Minister of Water & Sanitation Abida Mia moves in to contain Cholera in Dedza

Abida Mia: Minister of Water and Sanitation

Having noted the 1,644 cholera registered cases in Dedza out of which 65 people have died, and 46 are still being treated in facilities across the district, the Minister of Water and Sanitation had no option but to pay a visit to the District’s Council to discuss the progress and challenges in the fight against Cholera.

Addressing the Council officials which included Chiefs drawn from the district, Mia disclosed that a report from a random water quality testing activity facilitated by the Ministry in the district shows that out of the 150 boreholes that were tested, 20 boreholes were contaminated, which 19 were immediately treated, and the remaining one faced resistance from the community due to cholera related myths.

The Minister also disclosed that the Ministry through its World Bank-funded MRDRMP project has prioritized the rehabilitation of gravity-fed schemes, construction of solar-powered water systems, and dislodging of public toilets in the district.

Mia also disclosed that other activities being implemented in the district include rehabilitation and drilling of new boreholes, random water quality tests, training of water point committees, community awareness on safe water management, and water point mapping, among others.

The Minister further stated that the Ministry has sourced 17 million US dollars out of the 26 million US dollars required for water and sanitation to respond to the country’s cholera outbreak.

Mia further pleaded with Chiefs present at the meeting to help Government in disseminating messages to people in their communities against myths, vandalism of WASH facilities, and the importance of good sanitation and hygiene practices in the fight against Cholera.

“As I continue to make an appeal for cholera support, let me appeal to all Malawians to desist from all forms of vandalism to WASH infrastructure as it is setting us back, not only in the fight against Cholera but also the achievement of the SDG 6,” said Mia

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