Sunday, May 26, 2024

MCP Youth Director Threatens Defamation Suit Against DPP’s Levi Luwemba


Richard Chimwendo Banda, concurrently serving as the Youth Director of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the Minister of Local Government, has insisted on an unreserved apology and withdrawal of what he deems defamatory remarks made by Mr. Levi Luwemba during a recent interview. Engaging the services of Wilkinson Attorneys and Consultants, Chimwendo has additionally requested compensation amounting to K700 million from Luwemba.

“On 24th February, 2024 you gave an interview which was recorded on video wherein you made the following defamatory statement”kunabwera zigawenga za Malawi Congress, ndiye tikufuna tinene… Richard Chimwendo, am telling you my brother, don’t bring one party state in this country.. we are ready to die… Richard Chimwendo Banda, kill us! Kill us!..,” reads their opening paragraph.

They have then indicated that the words published are clearly false and defamatory of their client who is a Cabinet Minister, a Member of Parliament, Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly of Malawi and a political leader generally.

“Your said words have injured our Client’s character, credit and reputation and it is continuing as the video of your interview has gone viral on many social media platforms,” they highlighted.

They then said that the apology must be done within 24 hours of the iasued letter and be on a recorded video and published with all media houses in Malawi and on Luwemba’s social media platforms.

“Should you fail to issue the retraction and apology as demanded, and fail to pay the compensation, we have firm instructions to proceed to Court without further recourse to you whatsoever,” they concluded.

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