Sunday, May 26, 2024

Game Over as Prophet Austin Liabunya tells APM he will never be Malawi President again!

Prophet Liabunya says he will no longer be President again

In a monumental blow to his political aspirations, DPP’s Peter Mutharika yesterday faced a devastating prophecy from Prophet Austin Laibunya, the same prophet who accurately prophesied his 2014 presidency.

Laibunya prophetically insists that Mutharika is merely deluding himself, destined to fail in any future bid for the Malawi presidency. He told Mutharika to retire from politics altogether, and relegate himself to a distant advisory role.

Laibunya said there is a quite figure within the DPP who has been destined to lead the party going forward. According to Liabunya, if Mutharika persists in his futile pursuit of power and insists on vying for the presidency in the upcoming elections in 2025, he’ll only be leading his party on a fool’s errand, wasting precious time and resources.

Meanwhile, President Chakwera took the stage during Kamuzu Day celebrations yesterday, exuding confidence and declared that he is not vacating power next year in that he is a round as President until 2030, effectively shutting down any hopes of Mutharika reclaiming the throne.


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