Thursday, July 18, 2024

Spiritual Gold Rush: Lilongwe City Transforms into Forex Haven with 30,000 Global Pilgrims for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Epic Cross-Over Spectacle!


Certainly, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his ECG Ministry stand as invaluable assets to our nation of Malawi, warranting continued steadfast support from the government, a departure from the unwarranted persecution endured during the previous administration under Peter Mutharika.

Consider this: a staggering 30 thousand individuals, hailing from diverse corners of the globe—South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Eswatini, Mozambique, Congo, alongside others who have traversed continents from America, Europe, Australia, and Asia—have converged upon Malawi to seek the spiritual guidance of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as they usher in the New Year of 2024.

The influx of people has transformed Lilongwe into a bustling hub, rendering accommodations virtually non-existent, with throngs already booking out hotels and even resorting to sleeping in buses due to the scarcity of space. However, their fervor remains undeterred as they eagerly participate in the WEALTH TRANSFER CROSS OVER event.

Reports indicate that some homeowners generously offered temporary lodging to accommodate attendees affiliated with Bushiri during this period.  Undoubtedly, these visitors constitute a significant boon to the nation’s foreign exchange reserves—a testament to their economic impact, aligning seamlessly with Malawi’s aspirations.

It is imperative for those influenced by external agendas, purportedly acting on behalf of the South African government, to reconsider their stance on persecuting this esteemed figure, Prophet Bushiri. He, unequivocally, stands as a benefactor to the nation rather than a liability, consistently demonstrating his commitment through philanthropy in times of calamity, athletic achievements such as the women’s football team securing the COSAFA Women’s Cup, and the unwavering support for education through tuition fee sponsorships for the underprivileged.

Any discerning Malawian must recognize Bushiri as a national treasure, akin to our cherished entertainer of entertainers, Akira. To subject him to unnecessary trauma is tantamount to disparaging a symbol of our collective pride and benevolence.


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