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Chiefs in Mulanje Praise Chakwera’s Leadership

Zikhale Ng'oma and Brown Mpinganjira

Senior Chief Chikumbu, along with other chiefs from Mulanje, expressed their admiration for President Lazarus Chakwera’s leadership, emphasizing its promotion of love and instilling hope for the creation of a united Malawi.

These sentiments were conveyed by Chikumbu during a rally held at Laudadel ground in the district, which was addressed by Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, the Director of Strategic Planning for the Malawi Congress Party and Minister of Homeland Security. Speaking on behalf of the community, Chikumbu requested Zikhale Ng’oma to convey their message of appreciation to President Chakwera for organizing the rally in the district.

“This approach of conducting public rallies brings about the spirit of unity among Malawian people, and instil confidence in them. Your coming is good gesture that gives us hope and confidence of being part of the nation.

We also thank President Chakwera for his true love and care when we were hit by Cyclone Freddy few months ago. His open heart has brought hope to us. We have trust in our President, hence you see this crowd gathered here today”. Said the Senior Chief while requesting for President Chakwera to have a developmental rally in the district soon.

In his remarks, MCP strategist, assured people of Mulanje and the whole region of government’s support and continued development for them to quickly recover from the loss suffered during the Cyclone calamity.

“Your government of Malawi Congress Party, under the leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera is committed to bring back your normal livelihood after the devastation you got. The President came during that time and is aware of what is needed to bring your lives back to normal”. Zikhale assured the huge crowd that had gathered at Laudadel ground.

He further encouraged the chiefs to closely work with government of Chakwera for much long awaited meaningful developments for their areas.

Added Zikhale; “You are custodians of culture and development, you therefore need to unite all your people regardless of their affiliations, just as our President is doing in uniting this nation”.

Zikhale then urged all the people of Mulanje to rally their support behind President Chakwera and Malawi Congress Party ahead of 2025 elections, saying the party and its leadership have a lot to do for people of Malawi to see the benefits of the freedom and independence they struggled for many years ago.

During the rally in Mulanje, Zikhale Ng’oma was accompanied by several party officials from the Southern Region.


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