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Baldwin Chiyamwaka Assumes Chair of Malawi’s Public Relations Society Board


The Board of Trustees of the Public Relations Society of Malawi (PRSM) has elected Baldwin Chiyamwaka, a seasoned communications and PR expert, as the chairperson. Chiyamwaka will lead the board in providing strategic oversight and administration for the PR body. The board, comprising distinguished individuals such as Trouble Kalua, a seasoned lawyer, Tina Kasamale, a PR trainer, Ben Chitsonga, a finance expert, and Lewis Msasa, a renowned PR practitioner, brings diverse expertise to the organization. The board, serving a five-year term, appointed trustees to head various PRSM sub-committees during their meeting in Lilongwe. These appointments include Kasamale (membership), Msasa (resource mobilization), Kalua (policy & regulation), and Chitsonga (admin & finance).

Chiyamwaka expressed honor in leading his fellow trustees and emphasized their commitment to making PRSM a vibrant professional group. He highlighted their dedication to supporting PRSM’s National Governing Council in achieving strategic objectives.

PRSM President Benson Linje conveyed eagerness for collaboration, stating that the executive committee and entire membership look forward to working with the Board. Their collective aim is to elevate the status of the PR profession in Malawi by developing and enforcing sustainable standards, ethics, and promoting best professional practices among practitioners. PRSM, established in 2016, focuses on enhancing the public relations profession by fostering mutual understanding between organizations and their stakeholders through deliberate, planned, and sustained efforts.

“The discipline of public relations deals with shaping and maintaining the image and reputation of the organization in the eyes of its various stakeholders,” Linje said.

PRSM, comprising PR and communication professionals from Malawi’s public and private sectors, focuses on establishing and upholding professional ethics. It achieves this by fostering skills development through training and fostering a platform for the exchange of ideas on PR and communication practices.

The organization aims to advance professionalism, facilitate networking among practitioners locally and internationally, enhance the status of PR in Malawi by showcasing its value to corporations, and strive to be the acknowledged professional authority in the field.

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