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UE decorates Chakwera as an Outstanding Fighter Against Corruption

President Lazarus Chakwera receiving his anti-corruption award from UE leader Boshoff Grobler


Global Leadership Summit slated to run for two days has commenced today in Lilongwe with the Malawi leader, President Lazarus Chakwera being decorated as an outstanding fighter of corruption.

Chakwera, who is leading an administration that is, by far, the most accountable and responsive to democracy-inspired calls from citizens in Malawi’s democratic dispensation has received the recognition from a renowned anti-corruption advocacy assemblage called Unashamedly Ethical (UE).

The UE has presented its award to president Chakwera with a mention that the Malawi leader has showcased rentless efforts in the fight against corruption in the country since his ascension to power in 2020.

Handing over the award on behalf of UE was Bashoff Grobler who asserted that President Chakwera is a rare leader who is standing on truth to fight corruption through re-orientation of systems and capacitating of agencies through financial, legislative, political and moral support.

Since coming to power, president Chakwera has enhanced independence of law-enforcement institutions by liberating them from customary political influential meddling and tactical incapacitation.

Under Chakwera’s leadership, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for example has received an increase in staff membership from 150 to 287 as well as annual funding allocations from K4.3 billion to K6.3 billion apart from untying the institution from the political trappings. Aside this funding, the Treasury also released extra K400 million to the ACB to up a full fight against corruption cases before it.

The Chakwera-led administration has also heightened judicial independence in Malawi as well as bringing about a new legislation that has established a special financial crimes court apportioned with exclusive dedication of handling corruption-related matters, thereby fighting off delay in trials related to corruption.






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