Saturday, April 13, 2024

Namalomba trimmed to size by Malawi Pres. Chakwera after promising hell-fire

Mangochi West MP, Shadreck Namalomba

A perfect back-firing scenario is what transpired for Mangochi West Parliamentarian Shadreck Namalomba who was reduced to size by the Malawi leader President Lazarus Chakwera on  Tuesday afternoon when we went to Parliament to respond to questions. In the build-up, Namalomba had told Times TV crew who were covering the function live that they, as the opposition, are prepared to ask Chakwera tougher questions, promising a fight in Parliament.

However, when Chakwera arrived and delivered his remarks, he started decimating the leader of the opposition’s response to his State of the Nation Address (SONA) he delivered 11 days ago urging the leader of the opposition to pay attention to details as his responses were off-point to his response.

Then came Namalomba with a long-winding question saying the government should stop dictating prices for farmers’ produce.  This was an opportunity for the President to hammer Namalomba as he told the house that his government will continue setting farm gate prices to ensure farmers in the country are not robbed of their hard-earned produce but instead that they make a profit from it.

Chakwera said what the government does is only set minimum prices to create a win-win situation between the producers and the consumers.

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