Thursday, July 18, 2024

My family was in tears when I was opposing government – Mbele discloses


The former fierce critic of the Chakwera administration, Joshua Chisa Mbele, has disclosed that while the opposition world domiciled on Facebook was celebrating and elevating him as ‘hero of foul language against the regime’, his family was restless and in tearful discomfort.

Throughout the Facebook community, Mbele was a towering opposition figure who, in sheer attempt to stand out and impress the opposition community, violated all ethics and responsible criticism resorting to vulgarity and perpetration of lies against individuals working in Government.

Mbele went further to ensure that he intentionally oversteps the criminal boundaries so as to invite reaction of law enforcement upon him. Consequently, he earned at least two different police arrests and incarcerations in which he obtained bails from court, a gesture that he leveraged to elevate his opposition status.

Feeding his appetite, the Facebook community was all praises on Mbele, calling him by his self-acclaimed name of Mneneri. Behind this public popularity, his family was in agony as he now reveals through his recent Facebook post.

In his post, which is essentially, telling his former admirers off, Mbele is justifying his switch of attitude and resolve to work with the Government. He captioned a post of his daughter’s photo saying: “Anati I must work with the government. You were laughing when she was in tears. That’s the difference”, Mbele said while admiring his daughter on Facebook saying she is the only one from whom Mbele tolerates commands.

“She is the only person who tells me what to do with command sentences. Dad, you must …” he said while claiming that it was his daughter who compelled him to switch to government side on his Facebook commentaries which are widely considered as powerful and influencing.





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