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Malawi’s Lands Ministry recruits and inducts tens of District Land Registrars & Clerks

Newly Recruited Land Registrars and Clerks

Minister of Lands, Deus Gumba, has issued a compelling call to the recently enlisted District Land Registrars and Land Clerks, urging them to approach their professional responsibilities with a high degree of proficiency. Gumba conveyed this message in Blantyre on Tuesday, eloquently addressing the audience during the official commencement of the orientation program designed for land clerks and registrars.

This comprehensive training initiative is being conducted under the aegis of the Malawi School of Government, underscoring the commitment to equipping the recruits with the necessary knowledge and skills.

The Ministry of Lands, acting on behalf of the government, orchestrated the recruitment process, selecting 34 District Land Registrars and 319 Land Clerks with the explicit purpose of addressing the intricate issues surrounding land matters in district councils nationwide. Gumba, cognizant of the transformative potential inherent in this augmentation of human resources, emphasized that the infusion of new personnel is instrumental in elevating service delivery at the local level and aligning with the overarching ethos of decentralization.

In a sagacious counsel to the freshly minted officers, Gumba impressively underscored the critical importance of approaching their training with a profound commitment, urging them to discharge their duties with a demonstrable level of competence.

“I want to have well trained officers who are conversant with Malawi land laws and regulations. It is my expectation that once these officers are inducted, I will have well trained officers who will assist to champion the country’s development,” said Gumba.

Secretary for Lands, Davie Chilonga, said land in Malawi is a very big issue in all the 35 councils hence recruiting the officers is a big achievement which will make a difference in all the councils on how to settle land matters.

Chilonga has advised the trainees to embrace discipline during their training and has instructed officials from Malawi School of Government to report any case of indiscipline.

“For all those who will not be serious with their training please inform management of Ministry of Lands so that we can discipline such officers accordingly,” said Chilonga.


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