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Malawi Government Assures Safe Work Zones for Youth in Israel

Mkaka met Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussing deals

The Malawian government has assured that youths traveling to Israel for employment will reside in secure and conflict-free zones. The government has addressed the discussion around job opportunities in Israel, clarifying that this initiative aligns with President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s commitment to job creation and youth empowerment. A press release from the Ministry of Labour stated that the arrangement for Malawian youths to work in Israel is a collaborative effort between the government and the private sector, aimed at realizing the President’s vision for job creation and youth empowerment.

It reads: “The labour export program is an initiative of government [of Malawi] in collaboration with the private sector to fulfil this administration’s commitment to job creation and youth empowerment as championed by His Excellency Dr.Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi.”

The Ministry has affirmed that those heading to Israel will be engaged in the agriculture sector. Addressing security concerns, especially amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, the Ministry assures the safety of Malawians through arrangements ensuring they work in certified and approved secure environments. Additionally, the government has established medical and repatriation plans in case of unforeseen circumstances.

“Under the labour export program (government) would like to inform the public that the safety of the youth is paramount. On the Israel labour export, the youth will work at certified and approved locations which are classified as fit and safe environment,” said Kayira in the statement.

Approximately 200 youths have departed for Israel as part of an initiative that is expected to significantly reduce the unemployment rate in the country. Earlier this month, Simplex Chithyola, the Minister of Finance, announced during a press briefing that Malawi plans to export 5,000 skilled youths annually to other countries as a strategy for job creation and youth empowerment.

Historically, Malawi has sent individuals to learn and work in Israel, leveraging the advanced agricultural expertise of the country. The practical skills and knowledge acquired in Israel have proven beneficial to Malawi’s agriculture, particularly in irrigation. Notably, this bilateral exchange is not exclusive to Malawi; the two governments have an active cooperation agreement facilitating the exchange of labor. This agreement has seen Israel sending workers to Malawi over the years.


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