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Homeland Security Minister Zikhale Ng’oma Urges New Prison Warders to Embrace Professionalism

Zikhale Ng'oma

Over the weekend, Homeland Security Minister Dr. Ken Zikhale Ng’oma cautioned newly graduating prison warders to maintain professionalism, warning that they could face legal consequences if they don’t.

During his address at the pass-out ceremony held at Mapanga Prison Staff Training School in Blantyre, Ng’oma stressed the importance of discipline among the staff, noting that their conduct plays a crucial role in rehabilitating inmates and helping them become responsible citizens upon their release.

He also emphasized that each profession comes with its own code of ethics, and it is the responsibility of every individual to adhere to these standards.

Zikhale expressed that the graduation of over 700 Prison Recruits is a significant step forward in enhancing the operations of the Malawi Prison Service.

“We are building up more and more warders to increase security in terms of discipline because if you discipline inmate, when that inmate comes out, he becomes a good citizen and that creates an environment for good security in the country.

I am also urging our community to accept inmates and help them when they come out as they come out after being well mentored while in prison” Said the Minister.

During his earlier speech, Malawi Prison’s Commissioner General, Masauko Wiscott, referred to the emergence of the new recruits as a significant development, stating that it will enhance the workforce of the institution nationwide.

This ceremony marked the first of its kind since 2017.

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