Monday, April 22, 2024

High Court acquits Former Minister of Finance Joseph Mwanavekha

Jovial Mwanavekha

Former Finance Minister Joseph Mwanamveka has been vindicated by the High Court in Lilongwe, which acquitted him in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) data manipulation case. The case involved influential figures at the Reserve Bank of Malawi misleading the IMF about Malawi’s economic status.

Kabambe, Mathanga, and Mwanamveka were initially arrested in connection with the report. However, it later emerged that Mwanamveka was not the Finance Minister when the report was issued, making him unrelated to the implicated parties.

Despite the State’s failure to clarify Mwanamveka’s arrest, his lawyer, Kaphale, insisted on his discharge. Surprisingly, even the State conceded that there was no evidence against Mwanamveka. The Judge subsequently ordered Mwanamveka’s discharge, and he appeared jubilant.

Justice Kapindu expressed bewilderment at why the State didn’t simply drop the case against Mwanamveka instead of acknowledging in court that there was no evidence. The proceedings witnessed several adjournments as the State lawyers struggled to provide convincing reasons for seeking Mwanamveka’s discharge when the Director of Public Prosecutions had the authority to discontinue the case.

The day unfolded with a touch of drama, and it seems probable that Mwanamveka will pursue legal action against the State for wrongful imprisonment.





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