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CCAP Blantyre Synod launches special strategy to repay K2 billion loan

Blantyre Synod

In a proactive initiative aimed at raising 2 billion kwacha to go towards debt repayment, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod on Monday launched a special appeal strategy directed at its congregations.

Presiding over the launch at St. Michaels and All Angels Church in Blantyre on Sunday, Synod Moderator Rev. Dr. Humphreys Zgambo urged all faithfuls to actively engage in the fundraising campaign..

In a post-launch interview, General Secretary for CCAP Blantyre Synod, Rev. Anderson Juma, disclosed that the synod is burdened with a debt of K2 billion accrued from commercial banks, lending institutions, and individuals for developmental activities. The newly introduced strategy is a response to this financial predicament.

Rev. Juma affirmed that a minimum contribution of K10,000 per year from each church member across the Blantyre Synod will be utilized for the designated purpose. He emphasized the strategy’s commitment to transparency and accountability, supported by rigorous systematic auditing.

“As the church embarks on this financial journey, we extend a heartfelt plea to all Christians to actively participate in cushioning the current situation, through unity and shared responsibility the Synod envisions a future where its financial endeavors thrive for the greater good,” said Juma.

Chairperson for the Special Appeal Strategy Team, Rev. Reynolds Mmangisa expressed desire to see the church cease dependence on pledges and instead focus on sustainable ways and means of generating income.

“The goal is to reduce reliance on member pledges and ensure sustainable funding for the Church’s operations. As part of this initiative, Christians are encouraged to contribute to the Synod special appeal and ensure sustainable funding for the Church’s operations,” said Mmangisa.

Notable landmarks, Zomba Plateau Lodge, Namingazi Conference Centre, cement making blocks, Namingazi Bottled Water, and Grace Bandawe Conference Centre, all require funds for renovation to meet high standards,” he said.

Session Clerk at Michiru CCAP, Lexa Chiipa commended the Synod for the timely strategy, saying this will help to solve some of the Synods financial challenges.

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