Wednesday, July 17, 2024

DPP’s Vuwa Kaunda praises Pres. Chakwera for being development conscious

Vuwa Kaunda; Full of Chakwera praise

In Malawi, it’s typically challenging for the opposition to openly commend those in power. However, Vuwa Kaunda, a Member of Parliament from the Democratic Progressive Party representing Nkhata-bay Central Constituency, stands out. He believes in giving credit where it is due and it’s with this perspective that he publicly commended Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera for the diverse development initiatives he’s advancing in the country.

Vuwa made his remarks in his capacity as Member of Parliament for the Nkhatabay Central Constituency on Thursday  when President Chakwera commissioned mega water project in the district. He started by praising the President that he has solved electricity problems in the country. Vuwa also said that fertilizer during the last growing season came in good time and in good quantities.

Regarding the water project, Vuwa remarked that Chakwera has established a lasting legacy for the people of Nkhatabay and the surrounding areas, asserting that they will remember him for the rest of their lives. He conveyed deep gratitude to the President for his commendable efforts.

With the political worship that Vuwa has heaped to President Chakwera, people will be waiting with bated breath the reaction from the vindictive man at Page House if Vuwa will not be chopped from the DPP the way Dausi has been chopped.



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