Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Referendum calls treasonous of DPP


The quasi-religious organization Public Affairs Committee (PAC) must dismiss calls by the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for a Referendum aimed at calling for a fresh election or a government of national unity, whatever they are calling for, as treasonous.

The call is emanating from a party that was ousted from the government for mismanagement of the country’s affairs. Clearly, the calls are not being made in good faith. When President Lazarus Chakwera went to New York for United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), former President Mutharika held a press conference calling for President Chakwera to resign for failing to economically govern the country.

The point is the country is governed by the constitution and the constitution being the supreme law of land grants the Malawi President a five-year mandate to govern the country. Thereafter, the country goes to the polls to elect new leadership.  All that the DPP must do is put its house in order, stop the fighting and jostling for power, and build a formidable force to be able to challenge President Chakwera.

However, calling for president Chakwera to resign or indeed calling for a referendum is but a ploy to come back to power via the backdoor. Malawians ask, what new thing the DPP can bring to the table having failed to govern the country during the time it was given the opportunity to govern.

If the DPP is saying Chakwera is failing to govern the country, then it would have been good to say that we lack quality leaders in the country hence leadership mediocrity is all over. However, to claim they would be better than Chakwera when Malawians just kicked them out for grade A failure is actually the height of folly and deception.

Let Chakwera finish his term and let 2025 come and Malawians will constitutionally decide his fate. Anything contrary is treasonous.

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