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Consensus is now building around the fact that President Lazarus Chakwera’s regime has set the right tone towards transforming Malawi by restoring what was lost over the past three decades and building new frontiers of governing to transform.

For several weeks now Malawians have been awed by arrests of powerful people within the corridors of power following their alleged involvement in corrupt practices as per Anti Corruption Bureau findings.

It is indeed a new phenomenon for most Malawians to have people closer to epicenter of power getting arrested and subsequently fired for being found on the wrong side of law.

Renowned political scientist, Professor Blessings Chinsinga, of University of Malawi notices through his column ‘Talking Political Economy’ the entrenchment of a new system of governance that President Chakwera has established.

In his column entry over the weekend, he discusses how Chakwera has set a foundation on which many the country’s social and economic transformation will be driven.

“Tonse government will succeed because it is on the right course in its onerous task to reconfigure the country’s overall political culture, which is a fundamental driver of a country’s politics. Decency has been restored to the presidency, which is setting the tone to the rest of society. The culture of tolerance and mutual co-existence is taking root,” Chinsinga writes.

On the spate of recent arrests, Professor Chinsinga rightly observes the absolute flip of the script from chaotic governance Malawi experienced under the previous regime to a new way of leadership that empowers institutions to work independently.

“The culture of impunity is slowly but effectively being challenged. There are no sacred cows. Serving ministers, influential politicians and presidential advisers are not immune to prosecution. Rule of law is truly taking shape and historic precedents are being set.”

Professor Chinsinga comes to the country’s political landscape as the most trusted voice. He has for years worked at UNIMA’s Centre for Social Research where accurate scientific studies are carried out in regards to Malawi’s social and political status. On the sidelines he has also led research at Institute of Public Opinion Research (IPOR).

The most memorable research IPOR carried out in partnership with Afrobarometer was one which rightly forecast Chakwera’s victory at the 2020 Fresh Election.

This track record places his sentiments as the master guide of all political issues in this country.

Another prominent political scientist Henry Chingaipe was also recently quoted in Nation newspaper saying the arrests of those in the corridors of power suggest the President is living up to his commitment to empower investigating and prosecuting agencies to work independently.

As for award-winning blogger and columnist, Golden Matonga, the tough stance taken by President Chakwera against corruption may attract serious backlash as other powerful elements within the society are now feeling the tremors of real corruption fight.

Matonga’s concern may be justified but the cause being driven by President Chakwera is noble and to the long-term benefit of Malawi.

On that premise, a majority of Malawians agree that the President’s fight against corruption must continue in earnest.

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