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Lawyers Nicely Msowoya & Richie Katsiche suspended for two years for embezzlement

Attorney General Chakaka NyirendaAttorney General Chakaka Nyirenda


When Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda instructed Senior State Advocate Clement Maulidi in the Attorney General Chambers to request the Chief Justice to adjourn the disciplinary hearing involving alleged errant Lawyers Nicely Msowoya and Ritchie Katsiche, among others, he meant business. The Attorney General is said to have instructed his juniors that he needed to appear in court in person for this case on June 3, 2022, after returning from further national duties.

The case culminated with Chief Justice Rezine Mzikamanda suspending the duo, Lawyer Nicely Msowoya and Ritchie Katsiche, from practicing as lawyers in the country for two years, in line with the Attorney General’s enthusiasm and seriousness in rooting out misconduct in the legal fraternity.


Msowoya was found to have misappropriated close to five million kwacha for his clients, while Katsiche was found to have embezzled one million and three hundred thousand kwacha, albeit the money was reimbursed.

However, Chief Justice Rezine Mzikamanda concurred with Attorney General Chakaka Nyirenda that the duo’s actions amounted to professional misconduct, resulting in the suspension.



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