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Customer Refuses FDH Bank K1 Million Cash Prize

Man Refuses FDH Bank Cash Prize


Today the country’s social media has been sent buzzing after a man refused FDH Bank 1 million Kwacha Prize Money when he emerged winner in the bank’s “Kukonza Tsogolo Promotion” first draw.

When called to be given the good news, the unnamed man in his response rudely rejected the cash prize saying he has enough money and the cash prize should be given to other less fortunate Malawians.

“I have money. In fact, I am currently on my way to purchase a car as I am speaking to you now. There are a many poor people out there. Give the money to them, not me,” said the winner to the disbelief of FDH Staff and members of the media witnessing the draw.

According to many people commenting on social media, the response is not surprising considering the rise in cases of which people have been defrauded after being deceived that they have won cash prizes.

Reacting to the response, FDH Bank Personal and Business Banking Manager, Elizabeth Phoya, also conceded that there are many incidences going around concerning fraud so it is normal to see someone being cautious with phone calls of this nature

“We will be able to follow up with our official line and we will ask the customer to go to our branch,” she said.

This is not the first time for someone to refuse cash prize via phone as another winner also refused a TNM prize in the same manner doubting the authenticity of the call but later on claimed the money after being convinced.

FDH Bank is currently doing the promotion as part of promoting a saving culture amongst its clients and the grand prize of the promotion is 5 million kwacha cash prize to be splashed in September this year.

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