Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Fans Criticize Saint’s Fiancée’s Dressing at Engagement

Saint and wife to be during engagement

Malawians on the social media, who proudly identify themselves as fans of the renowned Delilah hit maker, Saint, have expressed strong disapproval of the attire worn by his fiancée during their engagement ceremony over the weekend.

According to these fans, the woman dressed in a manner that deviated from traditional Malawian values. She was seen exposing a significant portion of her upper body, including three-quarters of her breasts, in a manner that was considered unconventional and against the country’s moral norms.

These fans questioned who had advised the future wife of the musician to dress in such a manner, as they believed that her choice of clothing only highlighted the declining moral standards in the country.

Interestingly, Saint himself was dressed impeccably, leaving people puzzled about what prompted his fiancée to dress in a way that, according to Saint’s supporters, lacked fashion sense and was, to say the least, a fashion faux pas.

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