Thursday, July 18, 2024

DPP Supremacy Battle Escalates: Anti-APM Faction to Protest at Page House


Ordinary Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members who are extremely angry with the current situation in their party have decided to stage a protest at Page House, Peter Mutharika’s residence in the lakeshore district of Mangochi.

Recent reports have revealed the emergence of two major factions within the party. One faction supports the return of Peter Mutharika, while the other refuses to endorse him.

Those who oppose Mutharika argue that he is too old and weak to effectively lead the party, while those in favor of him claim that he performed well during his previous term and they want him to continue exploiting state resources.

An audio advertisement is circulating, urging all DPP members to gather at Page House to confront those causing chaos and division within the party.

The reaction of the opposing faction, known as the Madala team, is uncertain, but the decision to besiege Mutharika House will demonstrate a real determination to fight for their cause.




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