Friday, July 19, 2024

Moral national decadence in Malawi confirmed: Homosexuality case

Jan Wim Akster

The matter concerning homosexuality in the constitutional court underway in Blantyre High Court reveals a decline in the country’s moral values. In an attempt to legalize same-sex activities, Jan Wim Akster, a Dutch man, has brought a case before the Malawi court, to legalise homosexuality and lesbianism, a practice rampant in the Western world. However, Akster’s evidence has shed light on further moral deterioration within the country.

During his time at Zomba Hospital, Akster expressed his dissatisfaction with the conditions, refusing treatment due to the presence of spiders in the operation room. This incident highlights the dire state of our hospitals at a national level, reflecting a distressing situation.

Additionally, the Dutch man exposed the widespread corruption within the police force. Akster claimed that bribery among the police is rampant, recounting an instance where he was compelled to pay half a million kwacha to avoid prosecution and the police’s extortion of money from motorists. This revelation emphasizes the pervasive nature of corruption within the law enforcement system.

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