Monday, July 15, 2024

Chaponda: From Parliament to Crossroads in Pursuit of Power

From Parliament to Cross-Roads Hotel

Dear Editor,

Since the outset, Chaponda has exuded an insatiable hunger for power. Local media Wednesday morning buzzes with reports of his unceremonious expulsion from Parliament, where he arrived to attend the Business Committee as the Leader of the Opposition, only to find himself replaced by the embattled Nankhumwa, as recognized by parliamentary authorities.

Rather than reflecting on the morning’s events, Chaponda nonchalantly carried on as if nothing had occurred. Disregarding the turmoil, he proceeded to Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe to partake in a Democracy meeting, donning his hat as the Democratic Progressive Party-DPP Vice President for the South—a title he fervently seeks to wrest from Nankhumwa, who rightfully earned it through democratic means at the party convention.

Chaponda at Cross-Roads Hotel Attending Democracy Forum

This brazen display underscores one undeniable truth: the self-styled ‘DPP rising star’ is nothing more than a power-hungry opportunist. He demonstrates a willingness to employ any means necessary, fair or foul, to seize positions from legitimately elected individuals, showing scant regard for the perceptions of Malawians regarding his power-hungry conduct.

Stella Mkosi,


Editor In-Chief
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