Monday, July 15, 2024

Peter Mutharika’s 2025 Candidature Ensures MCP’s Easy Victory: A Concerned Citizen’s Perspective

Former President Arthur Peter Mutharika

As a concerned Malawian, I am deeply dismayed by the recent actions of the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) National Governing Council (NGC) in endorsing former President Peter Mutharika as their candidate for the 2025 elections. The manner in which this decision was made, without any democratic process and amid reported intimidations leading up to the meeting, raises serious doubts about the transparency and fairness of the party’s internal procedures.

With the questionable endorsement of Mutharika, it appears that the upcoming National elective conference for the DPP in July next year will be merely symbolic, as it seems predetermined that Mutharika will be the party’s torchbearer. In essence, the conference will be nothing more than a ceremonial confirmation of his candidacy.

It remains to be seen how other contenders, such as Kabambe or Nankhumwa, will respond to this decisive move by the senior members of the DPP to undermine the aspirations of younger presidential candidates. This will be a test to see if they can navigate this political conundrum, which has placed them at a significant disadvantage. It is worth noting that power is not granted but earned through struggle and assertion.

In conclusion, I find myself in agreement with political scientists who argue that endorsing Peter Mutharika is the DPP’s way of signaling their withdrawal from active participation in the 2025 elections, as Mutharika’s political relevance has waned. Indeed, I share the sentiment of another commentator who suggests that if Mutharika insists on being on the ballot under these circumstances, the 2025 elections will serve as the unveiling ceremony for the DPP’s demise. All these indications point to the formidable challenge the DPP will face in attempting to defeat the presidential candidate of the MCP, Lazarus Chakwera, in 2025.


Steve Dickens Khondowe



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