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President Chakwera opens 2022 tobacco marketing season

President Chakwera appreciating the tobacco leaf at Lilongwe Auction Floors


President Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday officially opened the 2022 tobacco marketing season at Kanengo Auction Floors in the capital Lilongwe where he called upon farmers to ensure that they bring to the market high quality leaf.

Before launching, Chakwera went around the floors to appreciate Malawi’s green gold and prices.

The highest price was $1.67 with the avarege price at $1.30.

“We will continue to engage buyers on increasing tobacco prices,” President Chakwera said. “But you need to ensure high quality leaf so that buyers offer better prices.”

According to Chakwera, every Malawian is a beneficiary of Tobacco because it is the main cash crop that helps to bring in forex.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe, warned Auction Holdings Limited (AHL) authorities to avoid politicising the market saying it was for the good of all Malawians.

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