Sunday, May 26, 2024

Political Analyst Casts Doubt on Frank Mwenefumbo’s NDP Influence in 2025 Elections: New Party Alert


In a dramatic turn of events, Frank Mwenefumbo, a contender for the presidency through his roles as the running mate to UDF’s Atupele Muluzi and subsequently as the spokesperson for Saulos Chilima’s UTM party, has unveiled his own political entity, the National Development Party (NDP). However, political pundits are casting shadows of doubt over the potential impact of this newfound party in the looming 2025 elections.

Renowned political analyst and University of Malawi-trained Political Scientist, Wonderful Mkhutche, has voiced skepticism regarding the party’s ability to shake up the political arena. Mkhutche asserts that NDP lacks the transformative prowess to significantly alter the political landscape and is merely positioning itself for potential electoral alliances.

This revelation comes amidst an already crowded political arena, with Malawi boasting over 60 existing political parties, setting the stage for a complex and fiercely contested electoral battleground.





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