Thursday, July 18, 2024

Chancellor Chakwera Delights University Students with Upkeep Allowance Hike

To be installed MUBAS Chancellor

In a wave of jubilation sweeping through university campuses nationwide, students shower praises upon President Lazarus Chakwera, also revered as the Chancellor of these esteemed institutions. Their elation stems from the President’s decisive move to summon the Ministers of Education and Finance for a crucial meeting with the Higher Education Students’ Loans and Grants Board (HESLGB), tasked with a comprehensive review of student loans.

President Chakwera’s resolute stance, articulated during the inauguration of the University Innovation Pod (UNIPOD) at MUBAS in Blantyre, resonated deeply with the student body. He emphasized the imperative of adjusting student allowances to match the escalated cost of living precipitated by the staggering 44 percent devaluation.

Echoes of gratitude reverberated across lecture halls and dormitories, with one MUBAS student expressing, “This President keenly discerns the challenges faced by university students, and for this, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.” Another student chimed in, affirming, “His compassion has endeared him to our hearts as we anticipate the 2025 elections; we pledge to reciprocate this benevolent gesture.”








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