Saturday, April 13, 2024

Malawi Presidential Convoy obstructionist Linda Kunje pardoned

Linda Kunje (Right) alighting from police vehicle together with her driver

The former Commissioner of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Linda Kunje who was convicted for obstructing President Chakwera’s convoy is being considered for presidential pardon as part of the Christmas celebration.

This has been disclosed in a memo the Minister of Homeland Security Jean Sendeza has penned to the Chief Commissioner of Prisons dated 6th December 2022.

Titled “instruction to release Ms. Linda Kunje” Sendeza writes informing the Commissioner that Ms. Linda Kunje “…is on the list of prisoners to be considered for pardon during the Christmas festive season,” adding that the aim of writing the letter was to instruct the commissioner “to release the said prisoner immediately.”

Linda Kunje was arrested and subsequently got convicted when she refused to give way to the Presidential convoy which was heading to Zomba from Blantyre. Kunje is known as a defiant woman whom many criticized for his lack of manners and decorum by obstructing the presidential convoy saying despite the fact that one likes or hates the one in the office of the President, they still deserve respect which the office commands and expects from citizens.

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