Sunday, May 26, 2024

Lawyer Sylvester Ayuba James declares total war on suspended DPP Dr. Kayuni

Kayuni: Fired

The arrest effected on Martha Chizuma has not gone down well with private practice Lawyer Ayuba James who has vowed an act of revenge no matter how long it takes for arresting Martha in a very undignified manner.

“Those of us who grew up without anyone to clear the way for us to get even the smallest of opportunities; those of us who had to compete on merit even to get a barefoot girlfriend, understand very well why corruption must be fought thoroughly, sincerely, and objectively.

“So, if you fight those that are truly fighting corruption, we have no kindness for you. And we will not care about the future when addressing you. Because our future is what you are destroying. And we are really scared. Damn scared about it,” wrote Ayuba in referring to Dr. Kayuni .

Ayuba alleged that the DPP plotted to have Martha arrested because “…the Anti-Corruption Bureau was in the final stages of investigating a complaint from your own office alleging that you accumulated more night allowances in a year than the number of years in that year. You did not want to be investigated for potential wrongdoing and yet you have been prosecuting others for even less serious conduct. Very strange.”

He then drew the battle lines:

“I have accepted your declaration of war against me on behalf of Martha Chizuma. Because of her unshakeable stance against corruption, Martha is a person I vowed to protect and stand by, even if that means taking a bullet or two for her. Even in the heaviest of political storms, I shall stand with that girl, because I hate corruption. My position on Martha is not negotiable,” wrote Ayuba.

Meanwhile, the some lawyers have faulted the remarks by Ayuba calling them too personal and unfit for a legal officer.

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