Thursday, July 18, 2024

Malawi’s Ministry of Education Takes a Stand: No to Child Labor in Teachers’ Gardens

No to school child labour

The Ministry of Education has initiated an inquiry into a video circulating on social media, depicting standard 4 students from Mpata Primary School in Phalombe district reportedly engaged in labor within a teacher’s garden.

In a statement issued by the ministry and endorsed by the Secretary for Education, Chikondano Mussa, it is firmly asserted that the Ministry of Education unequivocally opposes any manifestation of child labor, particularly the utilization of school children for labor.

The ministry emphasizes that such actions contravene the Malawi Constitution, the Teacher’s Code of Conduct, the Convention on Child Rights, and the pertinent international labor regulations.

Consequently, the ministry assures the public that it is collaborating closely with relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident.

Furthermore, the Ministry urges all educational stakeholders, both locally and nationally, to remain vigilant in preventing similar transgressions within schools.

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