Thursday, July 18, 2024

Jiya Passes Baton: Nankhuni Endorsed for Lilongwe City Centre Constituency

Nankhuni ( c ) being endorsed

Alfred Jiya, the Parliamentarian representing Lilongwe City Centre Constituency, has demonstrated his confidence in Gift Nankhuni, who was once his political rival. Jiya’s constituency has been divided into four new constituencies, and he has endorsed Gift Nankhuni to run as a candidate for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in one of these newly defined areas.

Lilongwe is known to be a stronghold for the MCP, and Jiya’s endorsement significantly bolsters Nankhuni’s prospects of securing the Parliamentary seat in the upcoming 2025 elections. Jiya and Nankhuni jointly organized a rally alongside Ulemu Msungama, during which both Members of Parliament assured constituents that Nankhuni is the best candidate to represent the newly delineated constituency. They urged constituents to place their trust and confidence in him.

Jiya remarked, “Nankhuni is a mature and dedicated politician, he is a man of vision and development conscious so it’s time to give him support.”

Ulemu Msungama, another MP, praised Shadow MP Nankhuni for openly declaring his intention to contest in the upcoming elections.

Nankhuni expressed his gratitude to Jiya and Ulemu Msungama for their support and endorsement.



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