Thursday, July 18, 2024

Four Members of Parliament UTM party fills vacant posts

Saulos Klaus Chilima political future ruined?

Perhaps knowing of the daunting task ahead of the 2025 elections, the UTM party of Vice President Saulos Chilima, has filled vacant posts in the party’s organogram, owing to the exodus from the party of the original office holder’s having noted that UTM just used, abused and dumped them.

Truth be told, the party pulled a shocker during the 2019 annulled presidential election, when it came in a distant third position with over a million votes competing against the then-ruling Democratic Progressive Party and the current ruling Malawi Congress Party. However, in terms of parliamentary election performance, the party got a measly four members of parliament out of 192 members of parliament seats in the national assembly. The poor showing of the party in the parliamentary election gave the impression that the party was still in its infancy stage.

Now aware that time is ticking towards the 2025 election, the party has moved and has filled the vacant posts, perhaps as a strategy to revamp the party. The Youth Director replacing Bon Kalindo who unceremoniously dumped the party is now Penjani Kalua, son of veteran politician Kamlepo Kalua. Penjani in music circles is also known as Fredokiss. Felix Njawala has been appointed UTM Spokesperson whereas Kwesi Msusa is National Deputy Director. Sam Chirwa is the deputy national director for operations and Loveness Gondwe is UTM’s Central Executive Committee Member.

Malawians are yet to see whether UTM will bounce back on the political scene as it has been in hibernation for a while now. UTM is only popular among urban dwellers who unfortunately are in a small population compared to Malawians who are in the rural areas where MCP and DPP command the majority.

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