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Former Zambia,s Vice President liken Chakwera’s wisdom to Bible’s King Solomon

Chakwera (L) and Mumba (R)

Dr. Nevers Mumba,  a Zambian politician and religious minister, who also served as the eighth vice-president of Zambia under Levy Mwanawasa, has commended  President Lazarus Chakwera for taking bold decision on Martha Chizuma scandal.

On Monday this week, Malawi leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera made a powerful statement which mainly focused on an audio recording of a conversation between Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma and another person.

In the recording, which has been widely circulated across social media and covered by the press, Chizuma discusses certain elements and perspectives related to the Bureau’s fight against corruption.

Her conduct, according to law experts, was enough reason to be fired as it was tantamount to  breach of Oath of Office.

 However, addressing the nation on Monday, Chakwera stood to his ground that he would maintain Chizuma for she is the person he appointed with trust.

Writing on facebook page, Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba commended the President for taking a rare decision.

“CONGRATULATIONS President Chakwera on the bold decision to dissolve cabinet in order to stop the rot of corruption. This boldness is rare but necessary. Drastic steps are needed to stop this cancer in Africa.

“We further commend the President of Malawi for the unusual wisdom he has used in handling the matter of the Director General of the Anti corruption Bureau. The last time I heard of such wisdom is when Solomon in the Bible was asked to resolve a feud between two women who were both claiming that the living child was theirs. This singular act distinguished Solomon from all other Kings.

“President Chakwera has decided to keep the Director General even after her disparaging comments against him. This is history in the making…Africa is watching the developments in this small Central African Nation,” he wrote.

“Smart and rare wisdom in President Chakwera’s handling of the DG Anti Corruption Bureau. Although she broke ethical rules, she boldly expressed her lamentations of the ills of corruption to power,” another Zambian commented on the post.

Meanwhile, social media in Malawi is awash with applauses for the President’s rare resolve.



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