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Chakwera says University Students are Architects of Malawi’s Future

Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi’s President interacted with student leaders from all public universities in the country at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, on Tuesday. During the gathering, the President underscored the pivotal role of students in steering Malawi’s future, urging them to transcend any constraints and aspire for greater accomplishments.

Chakwera reassured the students that their grievances and appeals would receive due consideration. The meeting stressed the importance of collaborative efforts in charting a brighter path for the nation.

Speaking on behalf of the student body, Alexander Kude expressed appreciation to the President for engaging with them on critical issues and commended his significant role in catalyzing positive transformation within the country.

He particularly highlighted the developmental significance of Inkosi Mbelwa University, acknowledging it as a vital avenue for expanding educational access and contributing to Malawi’s long-term objectives.

“We appreciate your administration’s efforts towards the completion of Inkosi Mbelwa University,” Kude remarked.

Additionally, Kude conveyed the union’s gratitude for the recent increase in student allowances from MK200,000 to MK350,000, emphasizing its significance in supporting the student populace.

President Chakwera pledged to address the union’s concerns and indicated willingness to consider their request for a further review of funds, emphasizing the importance of transparency in loan distribution.

He expressed gratitude for the students’ acknowledgment of his endeavors in initiatives aimed at reforming the education system to benefit all citizens.

Encouraging the students to seize the opportunity for a brighter future, President Chakwera urged them to transcend any imposed limitations and envision a prosperous tomorrow.




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