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Chilima Declares War

Vice President Saulosi Klaus Chilima set to appear in court in May for his criminal case trial commencement


BLANTYRE-(ShireTimes)-The State Vice President and leader of the UTM party, Saulos Chilima, has openly told his supporters that it is time to suspend humility and deal with problems as they arise, signaling an impending start of civil war in the Tonse Alliance.

Chilima, who partnered with President Lazarus Chaklwera of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the 2020 fresh elections, has made the remarks today while addressing his supporters who converged at his residence in a bid to block Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) from arresting their leader.

There were rumors this morning that the ACB was planning to arrest the Vice President since it is believed that he engaged in corrupt transactions with businessman Zuneth Sattar.

Speaking to his fans, Chilima lamented the fact that after having humbled himself in 2020, people now have started taking him for granted, in an apparent reference to President Chakwera’s decision to withhold his delegated duties on corruption allegations.

He promised his UTM supporters that he will duly address the nation on his implication in corruption allegations.

In his brief speech to the gathering, the UTM leader also gave his party’s followers the assurance that everything is well with him and that they should not worry since he will address all of their worries on a day that will be made public on Monday of next week.

“I know you have been wondering and questioning why I have been silent on this matter, but I am currently traveling to a meeting. Let me reassure you that I will speak to the nation the following week on a day that will be announced to you on Monday.,” said Chilima.

Ofuna kumwera msuzi sasamba mmanja nsima isanathe was the aphorism he used to conclude his remarks.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday evening on issues of corruption based on a report submitted by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Chakwera said the Bureau indicated that 84 public officers benefited from Sattar’s kickbacks.

Out of the 84, 13 public officers, including Chilima, have been extensively investigated and the facts are that they got bribes from Sattar to abuse their powers by dubiously awarding contracts to the businessman, according to Chakwera.



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