Sunday, May 26, 2024

Bushiri Lawyer wants extradition case dismissed; ‘its abuse of court process”

Bushiri escorted with multitudes at LL court premises

In the ongoing extradition case involving Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary, their defense lawyer, Wapona Kita, has requested the court to dismiss the entire case, claiming it is an abuse of the court process. The defense lawyer argued that South Africa did not follow the proper legal procedures in making the extradition request.

Kita specifically pointed out that the witness documents provided by South Africa were not properly authenticated as required by law, making them inadmissible as evidence. Additionally, he questioned why South Africa had only presented one witness in court despite initially stating that they would bring six witnesses.

In response to Kita’s application, the State requested more time to respond. Consequently, Magistrate Matilda Chimwaza adjourned the case until 10th July to allow the State to have sufficient time to address the defense’s arguments and for the court to hear Kita’s application for the dismissal of the extradition request in its entirety.

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