Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bravo Zikhale Ng’oma for revoking Ichocho security license

Ken Zikhale Ngoma

Dear Editor,

The decision by Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma may be subject to be tested for its legality and may possibly be reversed by the courts over revoking Ichocho Security Companies’ license owned by bodybuilder Suwedi but the message that his decision has sent to all cadetish like Suwedi’s company has been sent loud and clear.

Indicating as to whether it was hype or entertainment purposes or not, the video clip that was released purportedly indicative that Counsel Jai Banda’s son, Tonderai had been abducted and that he would possibly be killed sent shock-waves to the entire nation and if private security operators are to be behaving in a such reckless manner, then, it’s a recipe for creating a lawless nation, which would have possibly been entertained by the DPP Peter Mutharika government, not the Chakwera government.

I watched a clip in which he apologized. That is a welcome development but he has to harvest the consequences of his actions and if the Homeland Minister has the power to revoke such a security license as he claims, then this is a good gesture that we expect a high standard of professionalism to be maintained by all those in security services provision business.

The serious actions the government and its agents have taken show the much-needed seriousness of security matters. Whether Zikhale Ng’oma is right or not in revoking the license is another issue but the signal that has been sent is what every peace-loving Malawian would have loved to be sent.

Editor In-Chief
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