Thursday, July 18, 2024

Blantyre Synod apologizes to Nkhoma & Livingstonia Synod for ‘ungodly’ remarks

Reverend Anderson Juma; offended Nkhoma Synod and Livingstonia Synod

The leadership of the Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) has issued a formal apology to the Nkhoma Synod on behalf of its Secretary General, Reverend Anderson Juma. This comes after Reverend Juma’s comments via an audio, comments which were shared widely on social media, were made instructing members at Berea CCAP congregation in South Africa not to allow pastors from the Livingstonia and Nkhoma synods to minister at their church.

In the audio recording, Juma directed members to prevent pastors from the Livingstonia and Nkhoma synods from preaching or carrying out any duties at the church, citing a breach of Blantyre Synod’s protocol. Juma, who had visited the congregation in South Africa, stated that upon his return, he would officially communicate with the two synods to prohibit them from serving Blantyre Synod members.

“We don’t want to see pastors from Livingstonia and Nkhoma synods here [at Berea CCAP]. They came with their churches and we also have our own churches.

“We are saying this because we have realised that to have our own minister here is expensive and you think using ministers from Nkhoma and Livingstonia [synods] is cheaper because you only give them little,” Juma is heard saying.

Our investigations indicate that the ministers are given R500 (approximately K30,000) when officiating a wedding and another R500 as pulpit allowance.

“Synod Management deeply regrets the choice of words, Rev Anderson Juma and has therefore drafted an apology letter. As a tangible expression of this apology, commitment and seriousness, the Blantyre Synod leadership will travel to Nkhoma and Livingstonia Synod as specified,” reads a letter by Blantyre Synod’s moderator Rev. Dr Zgambo and the Deputy Secretary General Rev. Baxton Maulidi.


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