Friday, July 19, 2024

Malawi’s Ministry of Education issues circular embracing Rastafarian children in dreadlocks

Now welcomed in Malawi public schools

The Secretary for Education has issued a circular clearly stating that public schools in the country are now required to accept students from different religious backgrounds, including those who were previously ineligible for admission.

“Pursuant to the High Court’s decision in judicial review cause number 55 of 2019, as consolidated with Judicial Review Cause No. 48 of 2017, I would like to advise that no public school should stop a student from being registered and enrolled at a school on the grounds of religious affiliation or practice including Rastafarian children in dreadlocks,” in part reads the circular signed by Jawati for Secretary of Education whilst emphasizing that ‘a student should not be prevented from attending school because of their religious belief.”

In an interview, Grey Hill from the capital Lilongwe, a Rastafarian himself stated that it was obvious from the word go that the initial policy from government of banning their children from attending public schools was discriminatory contrary to section 20 of the constitution.

“Babylon has fallen,” he concluded.

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