Sunday, May 26, 2024

Severe Penalties for Mzuzu University Students in MK100 Million Demo Damages

Requires MK350,000 to replace this sign post

Akin to waking up from a bad dream, Mzuzu University claims that, in collaboration with the Roads Authority and the Luwinga Business Owners Association, it has conducted an assessment of the damages incurred during the violent protests by Mzuzu University students last month, which they estimate to be at MK93 million.

Shire Times has learnt that the damages encompass various infrastructure components such as roads, buildings, and the Luwinga police post, among others. Our inside source on this matter reveals that the Luwinga 2 Business Owners Association is requesting MK73.9 million, with MK46.8 million attributed to property damage and MK28 million for psychological distress.

Replacing a signpost at the Luwinga police post requires MK350,000, and the Roads Authority is seeking MK5.3 million for repairs to the M1 road. The China State Construction Company is demanding MK11.3 million to cover the extension of time costs resulting from disruptions.

Mzuzu University itself requires MK2 million to replace motor vehicle tyres taken from projects and estates. University Registrar Yonamu Ngwira has stated that these issues are currently being addressed internally and will provide a statement once the process is finalized.

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