Sunday, May 26, 2024

Academic Axe Falls as University of Malawi Expels Students for Exam Cheating

Unima Students

The University of Malawi, revered as the pinnacle of academic excellence in the country, has wielded its disciplinary hammer, expelling not one, not two, but three students caught red-handed in the despicable act of cheating during examinations.

In a memo released Friday and signed by Towera Mwathunga for the Registrar, the three who appeared in the University disciplinary committee  have been expelled for “being found with unauthorised materials in the examination room” and also “for being found cheating in an examination.”

This indicates that the university is serious about preserving academic integrity.

“Consider this a dire warning to all potential wrongdoers; any attempt to engage in such egregious misconduct will lead to a swift and merciless expulsion,” cautioned a member of staff, speaking anonymously due to media restrictions.

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