Friday, June 2, 2023

Zambia police arrest Susu as Malawi varsity students plan to storm Chinese Embassy to protest Child-exploitation


A Chinese national, Lu Ke, also known as Susu, was apprehended as he attempted to cross the border via uncharted routes along the Mchinji-Chipata border in Zambia after being exposed by a BBC Africa Eye documentary for exploiting children in Malawi by forcing them to parrot racist remarks demeaning themselves as being of “low IQ” and “monsters.”

The arrest of Susu has been confirmed by the spokesperson for the Immigration department, responsible for Central Region Pasqually Zulu. The Immigration spokesperson further disclosed that they are working with the Zambian government to have Lu Ke back in the country where he will be answering charges.

According to a BBC Africa Eye report, Susu was shooting 380 movies a day with children under the age of ten, videos that earned him over 77 million kwacha while paying the youngsters less than 1200 kwacha.

Meanwhile, the University of Malawi’s child rights clinic, which is part of the school of law, has planned demonstrations for tomorrow in the capital Lilongwe to express their displeasure with the claimed Chinese national’s actions. Professor Garton Kamchedzera, the clinic’s supervisor, said what happened was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the ill-treatment Malawian children face. The demonstration will begin at BICC and proceed to the Chinese Embassy, where a petition will be presented to the Ambassador of China. Professor Kamchedzera also stated that they will pursue a variety of legal remedies to address the situation.



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