Thursday, July 18, 2024

University of Malawi’s Graduation Gala Unfolds in Zomba with a Call  to Uphold Integrity

The University of Malawi’s commencement of its two-day graduation ceremony in Zomba this morning marks a significant milestone, encapsulating the culmination of academic endeavors and the commencement of new journeys for its graduates.

A total of 2,313 students, representing the University of Malawi and its erstwhile constituent colleges—now independent entities following the delinking process—namely Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences, Malawi University of Science and Technology, and Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, will grace the esteemed Great Hall in Zomba with their presence to receive their well-deserved certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Of this cohort, 44 percent are women, and 55.9 percent are men, symbolizing the diverse tapestry of talent and aspiration that characterizes the University’s student body.

The ceremony is being presided over by Vice Chancellor Samson Sajidu. This auspicious occasion will continue into the afternoon and extend through tomorrow, a testament to the significance and scale of the academic achievements being celebrated.

In his address to the graduating class, Chairman of UNIMA, Dr. George Partridge, articulated a poignant call to action, highlighting the paramount importance of integrity in the pursuit of personal and collective success.

Dr. Partridge implored the graduates to harness the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their academic journey to effect positive change, both in their own lives and within the broader societal fabric.

As custodians of knowledge and stewards of progress, the graduating class stands poised to embark upon a trajectory of impact and contribution, guided by the principles of integrity, excellence, and service to humanity.


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